How can i replace probiotic

How can i replace probiotic

This article will cover the question, how can I replace probiotic and much more.

The foods we eat can help answer this question. Foods like yogurt, kefir, buttermilk, soured products all help to either replace the bad bacteria in our digestive systems or help encourage its growth. Click on the next link to educate yourself more about ways to replace bad bacteria with good bacteria.

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Because our bodies must fight stronger strains of bacteria, viruses, etc. today than years ago, in order to win the battles we must give our bodies the cutting edge in intestinal flora. When we use probiotics we experience what is known as probiotic die-off. The good bacteria attacks the bad bacteria, yeast, fungus and other that might be in the digestive system and replaces it with itself. This causes the yeast and whatever is there to die-off. This can cause some unpleasant symptoms but is well worth your effort to restore good health and maintain good health. You may have symptoms like bloating, gas, diarrhea, cramping and if you have Candida your die-off symptoms may be much stronger. I always advise to start slow and build up with the amount of probiotics you can tolerate according to the directions on the bottle. Educate yourself more by clicking on the next link.

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The important fact is that probiotics restore flora which today is killed off more often by antibiotics we take and those in our foods from animal products and mercury which mostly comes from the silver fillings in our dental work. Click on the link below to learn more and read what happened to me. We must restore the flora and build a digestive system. Our probiotics immune system must be strong to help us fight.

how can i replace probiotic because of mercury poisoning.

What people need to do is educate them. As a retired nurse I care about your health. If you have any questions please use my FREE Ask A Nurse Form below.

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